Energy Meter, Watt Hour Meter, Electricity Meter LCD

Metering LCD

Custom Design TN Energymeter LCD(Watt Hour LCD Display) Custom Design TN Energy Meter LCD
Semi Customized TN Watermeter LCD Module Semi Customized TN Water Meter LCD Module
Watt Hour LCD Display Custom Design TN Energy Meter

What is Energymeter

Electronic meters display the energy used on an LCD display, and some can also transmit readings to remote places. In addition to measuring energy used, electronic meters can also record other parameters of the load and supply such as instantaneous and maximum rate of usage demands, voltages, power factor and reactive power used etc. They can also support time-of-day billing, for example, recording the amount of energy used during on-peak and off-peak hours.

LCD displays are preferred in meter applications because of their cost advantages and power savings. LCD Displays are much lower cost than VFD, TFT or LED displays. Also the power consumption of the LCD displays is much lower than the alternatives.

Product Features

Customized or Semi-Customized LCD Glass for Low Power Application

Product Range

  • TN or STN Material
  • With or Wihout LED Backlight
  • Standard & Wide Temperature Range (-30ºC +85ºC Avalible)
  • Pin, Zebra Connector and FPC Terminal Options
  • Glass(LCD) or Module(LCM) Options

Main Applications

  • Electricity Meter (WattHour Meter)
  • Water Meter
  • Combustible Gas Meter
  • Power Control Meter
Energymeter, Watt Hour Meter, Electricity Meter LCD Low Cost
Low Cost TN Positive LCD Display, No Backlight, Reflective, HT1621B Driver IC, 3.3V or 5.0V, Pin Terminal

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