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TN LCD Display
They are preferred in terms of price performance because they provide a serious cost advantage. Liquid crystals are arranged in a spiral pattern of maximum 90 degrees and below. Although they are very economical, their viewing angles and contrasts are low. They are preferred in low cost applications (Digital Clocks, Energy Meters, Metering Controllers etc.).

Visual Design(V.A.)

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LCD Structure

Glass LCD (Without Driver)
This LCD type Display does not contain any drivers. Only includes separate or integrated backlight. Such LCD displays are preferred in applications where engineer use their own driver circuits. (with seperated Driver IC or MCU contains integrated "RAM Mapping LCD Driver" section) Glass LCD Indicators are preferred in low power consumption applications and systems where special segments and icons are needed economically. (such as clock, energymeters, personal medical equipments etc.)


Pin Terminal
It is used extensively for glass LCD displays and COG LCDs. The conductive metal pins are connected in such a way that they contact the polymer coated spots on the windscreen or rear window. The connection points of the pins are fixed with adhesive glue.


LCD Active Area and View Area

A.A.y (Active Area/Y)
A.A.x (Active Area/X)
V.A.y (View Area/Y)
V.A.x (View Area/X)
O.D.y (Outer Dimension/Y)
O.D.x (Outer Dimension/X)


This polarization type has no backlight option. LCD Display can be read by ambient light or external light source. Reflective film fully reflects the light in the environment. Reflective polarization type should be used in mobile applications and applications where energy consumption is important. (Ex: Energy meters, Calculators, Measuring instruments, etc.) This filter is only used for Positive LCD Indicators.


LCD Displays are classified according to duty cycle and flow direction of liquid crystal material. Based on these criteria, there are significant changes in the viewing angle of the LCD display. This difference in LCD viewing angle is expressed in relation to the Clock Position system, a military relative positioning system. Basically, the LCD is expressed at two different angles, 6:00 o'clock and 12:00 o'clock. According to this system, if the LCD position is below the user's head level (e.g. dishwasher, etc., white goods on the floor, floor scales, etc.), it should be preferred at 12:00 o'clock. This provides a clearer reading from the top of the indicator below the eye level. If the LCD is above eye level (elevators, on-door displays, refrigerators, etc.), the display direction should be selected at 6:00. This allows the LCD Display above the eye level to be read more clearly.



In this type of display, the background is light coloured. The segments on the LCD screen obscure ambient light. Standard Green / Black or Black / White LCD displays are included in this group.

  • TN: Gray segments on Light Yellow/Green surface.
  • STN-Green: Dark Gray segments on Light Yellow/Green surface.
  • STN-Silver: Dark Gray/Black Segments on white surface.
  • FSTN: Black Segments on Light Gray/White Surface.


LCD Displays not suitable for operation at high operating temperatures such as LED indicators. However, thanks to technological advances, models capable of operating at high and low temperatures have been produced. The operating temperatures are listed below.

Standard Temperature Range

Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -10°C to +60°C




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